Cledus Dont Stop Eatin For Nuthin chords

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[A] [A] [A] [A]

She said a [A]"hey plow boy done ate half a cow
And I still can hear your big old belly growl
So I [D]steamed up a fresh heap of broccoli for you
You've got [A]calories to burn and some pounds to lose"
Well you can [E]bring that broccoli with squirrel and dumplings
Cause [A]Cledus don't stop eatin' for nuthin'

[A] [A]

She said "I've [A]cooked non-stop in this house for weeks
Time to get your big butt up on somewhere's else to eat"
So I've [D]been down to Shoney's four times today
I hit the [A]Sizzler and the Quincy's they were on the way

I 'bout [E]blowed out my colon from buffet jumpin'
Cause [A]Cledus don't stop a-eatin' for nuthin'

If you like [D]love handles and big old buns
I've [A]pounds of passion and tons of fun
I [D]look like Flabio in my king-cab truck
To look like [E]Brooks and Dunn I need a tummy tuck

[D] [D] [A] [A] [D] [D] [E] [E] [E]

We got to [A]find a little place where I can eat some more
Before I start rollin' on this hardwood floor
[D]Head down to Hooters break out the wings
Then make a [A]run down to the border I'm an eatin' machine

[E]Fire up the stove and keep the fat clams comin'
Cause [A]Cledus don't stop eatin for nuthin'
If it's [E]all you can eat then you'll see me runnin'
Cause [A]Cledus don't stop eatin for nuthin'
[E]Tell Richard Simmons he can kiss my bumpkin
Cause [A]Cledus don't stop eatin for nuthin'
Make my [E]pies pumpkin
And my donuts Dunkin
Cause [A]Cledus don't (No Chord) stop.
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