To Jesus I Surrender All chords

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[G]In Christ a[Bm]lone, I put my h[C]ope.
In Christ al[Am]one,[D] I place my t[G]rust.
In Christ alone,[Em] I bo[D]w down my kn[A/C#]ees.
In Christ alone,[Am] I surren[D]der all.

[G]To Jesus I surre[Bm]nder all,
[Em]To Jesus I will g[Dm]ive my a[G]ll and all[G7] .
[C]I give You my h[D/C]eart, I gi[Bm]ve You my so[Em]ul
To Jes[Am]us [G/B]I surr[C]end[D]er al[G]l.
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