Heaven Knows (this Angel Has Flown) chords

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There are ti[Em7]mes when I’m[Am7] lying in my bed
How I b[Em7]ellow and cry from this s[Am7]tupid get
And my eye[Em7]s are like [Am7]windshields on a rainy day
[Em7]Almost rubbed down, s[Am7]welling, as I keep on

[G#m]Dipping my face in these [Am7]cold hands of mine
[G#m] [F#m]/[Bmaj7] [E]/[Esus]/[E] [pause]
Heaven knows how bitter I am

‘Cause this angel has f[Am7]lown away fr[G#m]om me
Leaving me in dru[F#m]nken miser[Em7]y
I should have cl[Am7]ipped her wings and made her [G#m]mine
For a[F#m]ll etern[B]ity
Now this angel has flo[Am7]wn away from m[G#m]e
Thought I had the str[F#m]ength to set her [Em7]free
Did what I d[Am7]id because I[G#m] love her so
[F#m]Will she ever find her way back [B]home to[A] me

I’m so[Em7] tired, I feel[Am7] like catching forty winks
Being up[Em7] all night in thi[Am7]s elbow room
That p[Am]uts me in a [Em7]trance
Where ho[Am7]pes and dreams come true [Em7]
Now my lip[Em7]s are b[Am7]urning and my [Em7]eyes are [Am7]hurting
From this fu[G#m]se I mixed till [Am7]I light another
[G#m]Cigarette just [Am7]to pass my time, oh
[G#m] [F#m]/[Bmaj7] [E]/[Esus]/[E] [pause]
Heaven knows how bitter I am

[Repeat chorus]
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