Let Me Draw Nearer chords

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[D]Change my heart I pr[G]ay
[D]Stir my heart ag[Am7]ain to pr[D]ay
[G]Blessed Holy Spirit[A]
Come upon me [F#m]now again to[Bm]day
Come upon me n[Em]ow
Come upon me n[A]ow
As we sing Yo[D]ur praise.

[D]Let me draw near[G]er [A]
Let me draw ne[F#m]arer [Bm]
Let me draw ne[Em]arer
Nearer to Y[A]ou

[D]Set my heart on fire, Lo[G]rd [A]
Set my heart on [F#m]fire [Bm]
Set my heart on f[Em]ire
As I draw nea[A]rer
Nearer to Y[D]ou
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