Come Healing chords

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o g[F]ather up the bro[F]kenness
and b[Bb]ring it to me [F]now
the f[C]ragrance of those pr[C]omises
you n[Bb]ever dared to [C]vow

the [Dm]splinters that you [Bb]carry
the c[F]ross you left b[C]ehind
come h[Bb]ealing of the [F]body
come [C]healing of the [F]mind

and [Bb]let the heavens [F]hear it
the p[C]enitential h[C]ymn
come [Bb]healing of the [F]spirit
come h[C]ealing of the [F]limb

be[F]hold the gates of [F]mercy
in a[Bb]rbitrary sp[F]ace
and n[C]one of us des[C]erving
the c[Bb]ruelty or the g[C]race

o so[Dm]litude of lo[Bb]nging
where [F]love has been [C]confined
come h[Bb]ealing of the [F]body
come h[C]ealing of the [F]mind

o [Bb]see the darkness y[F]ielding
that [C]tore the light [C]apart
come [Bb]healing of the r[F]eason
come h[C]ealing of the h[F]eart

o t[F]roubled dust c[F]oncealing
an u[Bb]ndivided [F]love
the [C]heart beneath is t[C]eaching
to the [Bb]broken heart a[C]bove

o l[Dm]et the heavens [Bb]falter
and [F]let the earth p[C]roclaim:
come h[Bb]ealing of the a[F]ltar
come h[C]ealing of the n[F]ame

o l[F]onging of the [F]branches
to [Bb]lift the little [F]bud
o l[C]onging of the ar[C]teries
to p[Bb]urify the bl[C]ood

and [Dm]let the heavens h[Bb]ear it
the pe[F]nitential h[C]ymn
come [Bb]healing of the s[F]pirit
come [C]healing of the [F]limb

o l[Bb]et the heavens h[F]ear it
the p[C]enitential [C]hymn
come [Bb]healing of the s[F]pirit
come [C]healing of the [F]limb
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