Song Of Bernadette chords

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[C]There was a[G] child Named Ber[F]nadette, I[F] heard the s[G]tory long a[C]go
[C]She saw the qu[G]een of heaven [F]once and kept the [G]vision in her[C] soul
[C7]No one believed what she had se[F]en, n[D]o one believed what she had he[G]ard
[C]That there were sor[G]rows to be h[F]ealed and me[Dm7]rcy, me[G]rcy in this wo[C]rld.

So many he[F]arts I find, Broke like yo[Am]urs and mine
[F]Torn by what we've d[Dm7]one and can't un[G7]do.
[C]I just want to ho[G]ld you, c[F]ome on let me hold y[Am]ou
[F]Like [G]Bernadette would [C]do.

[C]We've been aro[G]und we fall, we f[F]ly. We mos[F]tly f[G]all we mostly [C]run.
[C]And every n[G]ow and then we [F]try, to me[F]nd the dam[G]age that we've[C] done.
[C7]Tonight, tonight I cannot [F]rest. [D]I've got this joy here inside[G] my breast.
[C]To think that I[G] did not for[F]get, t[Dm7]hat child, that s[G]ong of Ber[C]nadette.

Repeat chorus

[C]I just want to h[G]old you, [F]come on let me [Am]hold yo[F]u, like B[G]ernadette would [C]do.

Enjoy this beautiful song, transcribed from Jennifer Warnes Famous blue raincoat.
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