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Intro: [G] [D] [Em] [D] [G]

Dear y[G]ou promise to stay [D]awake
L[Em]ife has a way of putting you to s[D]leep
Dont d[G]ecide anything until a[D]fter we [Em]meet
I[G] hate this sleeping too frozen s[D]olid
Every[Em] moment feels like an a[D]che
I don't k[G]now what its like for[D] you
But I[Em] know its no [D]more than you can t[G]ake


And because [G]this is not the [D]end
Cause if it[Em] were the end it would not [D]be so
[G]Alls well that ends [D]well if all is not[Em] well
Then it[D]s not the[G] end

*Repeat for the rest of the song*

Dear Alison Rowan in her letter
Said I come in peace and music makes it better
If only for the moment who knows whats next
No more fits and no more arrangements
No more Bargaining or deals
You said if I cut out anymore
Oh the ghost might slip its seal

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