Revival Day chords

Transpose 0
CAPO on third fret.

Throughout the song, he finger picks and adds a bunch of little hammer-ons and
fills but these are the basic chord shapes that you can fool around with.
Also, when he goes from C to Am he walks down with the bass note from C to B then A.


[C] [F] [C] [Am] [F]
[C] [F] [C] [G] [F]

In a borrowed c[C]ar, w[F]e sang 'Evaporated' [C]

It's beauti[Am]ful when you go l[F]ow and I go high [C]

I watch you [C]dear

And [F]oh, we'll beat th[C]is

If I believe enoug[G]h, the [F]Lord will provide

We lay our names into pieces
We sing in tongues, salvation through their eyes
Jesus saves if you let him
The donation plate will pass through the aisle

Revival day was the saddest
Passed on by with a side of skin and bones
Pushed to the front by a callous doctor
Because no one wants to watch us dying at home

In a borrowed car, we sang 'Evaporated'
It's beautiful when you go low and I go high
Just you watch, dear,
And oh, we'll beat this
If I believe enough, the Lord will provide
Used chords