Ernold Same chords

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Artist: Blur
[C]Ernold Same awoke from the [Bbm7]same dream
In the [C]same [Bbm7]bed at the [C]same time
Looked in [Am]the same mirror
Made the s[Eb]ame frown
And felt t[G7]he same way as he did every day,
Then E[C]rnold Same [Bbm7]caught the same train
At the[C] same [Bbm7]station, sat [C]in the same seat
With the s[Am]ame nasty stain
Next to sa[E]me old what's his [G7]name

On his way the same place to do the same thing

Again and again...poor old Ernold Same.
[C]Oh Ernold Same,
His [Am]world stays the same,

Today will always be tomorrow,

Poor old Ernold Same,

He's getting that feeling once again,
[F] FBassE [Dm] [G7]
Nothing will change tomorrow.
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