Entertain Me chords

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Artist: Blur
[A]The weekend is back
But[F] so is [F7]he
Hea[C]d to the floodlights
See the fr[G]aternity
They are w[D]aiting
[A]I hear them up in the north
And do[F]wn in the sou[F7]th
And[C] all that is spewing
Spe[G]wing out of h[D]is mouth

Chorus [A] [F] [F7] [C] [G] [D]
Entertain me
[A]At his and hers dating
Bor[F]ed min[F7]ds agree
Req[C]uirements to be stated
Replies aw[G]aited
[A]She wants a loose fit
He wa[F]nts instant whip[F7]
He [C]guesstimates her arrival
Will sh[G]e want it real[D]ly badly

Chorus [A] [F] [F7] [C] [G] [D]
Entertain me

[A]A car, a house both in street
The[F] boredom of the s[F7]ober week
The[C] weekend is here, hip hip hooray
To make t[G]he blues just [D]go away

Chorus [A] [F] [F7] [C] [G] [D]
Entertain me
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