Cookout chords

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Artist: Bo Burnham
G[C]rab a seat have som[D]ething to [C]eat
h[C]elp yourself its alright [D] [C]
I[C]f you want a beer theyre o[D]ver he[C]re
B[C]ut we only have coors light [D] [C]
T[C]ry a chip with my home[D]made [C]dip
t[C]he stuff is out of sight [D] [C]
Ri[C]ght before bed we'll s[D]have your head
gl[G]ad to see you dressed in wh[D]ite

C[D]ause its a Klan Ko[G]oK[D]ou[C]t
K[D]lan Koo[G]Ko[D]ut[C]
K[D]lan Koo[G]Ko[D]ut[C]
K[D]lan Koo[G]Kout [D] [C]

H[G]eres my wife sl[D]ash si[C]ster

she brightens up my day
s[G]he went a[D]way and i mis[C]sed her

cause my moms a lousy lay
d[G]ont hang with f[D]oreign f[C]ellows

itll only be your loss
S[G]tay here and ro[D]ast mars[C]hmallows,
by the burning cr[D]oss

at the Klan Ko[G]ok[D]ou[C]t
K[D]lan Kook[G]out [D] [C]
d[D]ans on l[G]oo[D]ko[C]ut
at the K[D]lan Koo[G]kout

a[G]nd if youre black
d[C]ont wanna see your face
t[G]hey're like highschool track
i[C]ts just a stupid race
w[G]e got a plan
k[C]ill all the jews
a[G]re you a mexican
c[C]ause you seem co[D]nfused?
s[D]enor...que? que? que?

[D]its a klan koo[G]ko[D]ut[C]
k[D]lan koo[G]ko[D]ut[C]
mein kampf? man, ch[D]eck that bo[G]ok [D]ou[C]t
at the k[D]lan koo[G]kout [D] [C]

not sure about this part..

+ [D] [C] [A] [C] [D]
+ all men are created equal, man that shit gets me pissed
+ [D] [C] [A] [C] [D]
+ heres an idea for a sequel, someone loses schindler's list
+ [D] [C] [A] [C] [D]
+ i cook i clean, cause im the hooded host
+ [D] [C] [D]
+ and on halloween, i dress as a...slaveowner!

w[G]e hate hispanics
h[C]ence the 20 foot walls
a[G]nd all you goddamn dirty catholics
c[C]an cath-o-lick my balls
et[G]hnics give off wierd aromas
a[C]nd i cant understand
w[G]hy we need highschool diplomas
w[C]ith the bible in h[D]and!

at the klan ko[G]ok[D]ou[C]t
k[D]lan kook[G]ou[D]t [C]
k[D]lan kook[G]ou[D]t [C]
k[D]lan kook[G]ou[D]t [C]

end on G
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