Take Us Back chords

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Artist: Alela Diane
[Dm] [Am] [G] x2

[Dm]The tops of crags and [Am]cliffs, the air is thin[G]
[Dm]So we'll find a mountain [Am]path on down the hill[G]
[Dm]Meet me where the snow [Am]mount flows[G]
[Dm]It is there, my dear, [Am]where we will begin [G]again
[Dm]Skip[Am]ping [G]stones, [Dm]braid[Am]ing [G]hair
[Dm]Last year's[Am] antl[G]ers m[Dm]ark t[Am]he t[G]rail

[Dm]Take us back, oh, [Am]take us back
[G]Oh, take us, [Dm]take us back[Am] [G]

[Dm] [G] [Am] x4

[Dm]I've a friend who lives out [Am]by the rivers [G]mouth
[Dm]He knows the fiddles [Am]cry is an old soun[G]d
[Dm]A lonesome creeks and [Am]moans of empty hou[G]ses
[Dm]Are songs of like [Am]fallen rai[G]n
[Dm]Win[Am]dbl[G]own buildings,[Dm] mu[Am]ddy grou[G]nd
[Dm]The stren[Am]gth of[G] water[Dm] can [Am]sink a[G] man

[Dm]Take us back, oh, [Am]take us back
[G]Oh, take us, [Dm]take [Am]us ba[G]ck
[Dm] [G] [Am] x4

[Dm]When the higher [Am]hills have turned [G]blue
[Dm]And the waves are lapping [Am]where the childr[G]en grew
[Dm]All that we have [Am]know will be an e[G]cho
[Dm]Of days when love[Am] was true [G]
[Dm]Mut[Am]ed [G]voice[Dm]s j[Am]ust [G]beyond
[Dm]The s[Am]ilent s[G]urface o[Dm]f what[Am] has [G]gone

[Dm] [G] [Am] x4
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