Elijah chords

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Artist: Alela Diane
I [D]met Made[C]line in the [Em]South of France
Where she g[D]rew with the f[C]ig
And [Em]broke bread with the moon
Dark [D]eyes of the [C]evening [Em]brought her a son
A [D]blessing and [C]burden [Em]for she was [D]so [C]you[Em]ng
[D]So [C]you[Em]ng..

[G]Water is [A]cold with a wayward [D]gale
[G]Much like the l[A]eaves I've become [D]frail
[G]Madeline [A]said 'I'd like to [D]follow'
[G]'But I must stay [A]well to care for [D]Elijah'
[G]'I must stay [A]well to care for [D]Elijah'

Same as first one

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