Sarah chords

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Artist: Alex G
Tuning: Standard

[G] [C] [Em] [Am] [C] [G] [C] 2x

[Em]Sarah [Am]runs to feel the [C]burning in her lungs
To clear her [G]head
Do you [F]know what Sarah [D]meant?
When she said [Am]you be my [C]guest
To [G]keep the pace, to [F]save your face you'll [Em]never make the [Am]place
But do you [C]even run the [G]race

I can't [C]be what you [Em]need I am [Am]stuck
In a [C]dream, I am [G]stuck in a [C]dream
[G]Don't you [C]know she's been [Em]here
All [Am]along, in the [C]dream she bel[G]ongs
In the [C]dream

[Em]Every [Am]day I'll make [C]promises that plague
Sarah's [G]heart so I can [F]watch her fall [D]apart
'Cause I know when [Am]I break her [C]down
We'll [G]spit on all the [F]happy plans that [Em]live around
[Am]This sunny town, she [C]loves me like
A [G]dog and when we [F]mess around
I'll [Em]let her know the [Am]truth
I can't r[C]ely on hope with [G]fate
And every [F]time I wake I [Em]second guess
The [Am]game I play
That [C]I make a [G]mistake

[C] [Em] [Am] [C] [G] [C]
[G] [C] [Em] [Am] [C] [G] [C]
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