Rock Salt And Nails chords

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Artist: Aida Cuevas
Capo V

[C] [F] [C]

[C]On the banks of the river[F] where the willows hang d[C]own
And wild birds all w[Am]arble [F]with a low moanin[C]g sound
Way down in the [Am]hollow [F]where the water runs [C]cold
That's where I first [F]listened to the lies that you[C] told

[C]Now I lie on my bed [F]and I see your sweet [C]face
The past I rem[Am]ember time[F] cannot [C]erase
The letter you [Am]wrote me [F]it was written in [C]shame
And I know that your[F] conscience still echo's m[C]y name

[C]Now the nights are so[F] long, and sorrow runs d[C]eep
And nothing is wo[Am]rse than[F] a night without s[C]leep
I'll walk out a[Am]lone, I [F]look at the s[C]ky
Too empty to s[F]ing, too lonesome to [C]cry

[C]So if you ladies were [F]blackbirds, if you ladies were[C] thrushes
I'd lie there for h[Am]ours in[F] the cold chilly [C]marshes
If you ladies were s[Am]quirrel's[F] with high bushy[C] tails
I'd fill up my s[F]hotgun with rock salt and[C] nails
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