People chords

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[D] Peopl[A]e,[Em] people
[D] Don't you k[A]now you have a vo[Em]ice'
[D] Peopl[A]e,[Em] people
[D]Don't you kn[A]ow you have a cho[Em]ice'

[Em]TV screens and c[Bm]orrupt magazines
[Em]A man on the radio who says [Bm]he knows what you need
[Em]Planting the seeds that just mislead
[Bm]and cant' be taken back
[Em]You watch them grow and then you know
[A]How much truth they lack
[G]How can you say there's no[A]thing wrong' When it's gone on too lo[D]ng'

[D] Peopl[A]e,[Em] people
[D] what mo[A]re can I s[Em]ay'
[D] Let's [A]get ourselves [Em]together
[D] Too much at sta[A]ke to look a[Em]way

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Vote for him don't vote for her
She's likely to be bought
Vote for her don't vote for him
Power's his only thought

Confusion and disillusion crowd up your mind
Until a clear decision is too hard to find
How can you say there's nothing wrong'
When it's gone on too long'

People, people
Let's educate our minds,
People, people
Don't you think it's about time

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