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Artist: Xxxtentacion
The p[Dm]ain in my heart just won't end [C] [G]
The wo[Dm]rds that I find just don't se[C]em to comp[G]are
Awa[Dm]iting my death in the end [C] [G]
Alo[Dm]ne, I must seek out the e[C]nd to beg[G]in
So nob[Dm]ody wants death
'Cause nobody wants life to end [C] [G]
I'm the o[Dm]nly one stressed
I'm the only one tired of h[C]aving fake fr[G]iends
Put the n[Dm]oose on my neck and the hole in my back, again [C] [G]
I've been wa[Dm]iting on death with a smile on my face
T[C]his is the e[G]nd
Wa[Dm]ste of tears [C] [G]
Wa[Dm]ste of years and mo[C]nths [G]
Fa[Dm]ced my fears [C] [G]
L[Dm]oving her for o[C]nce [G]
H[Dm]urt me [C]
Br[G]eak my h[Dm]eart [C] [G]
W[Dm]orthless [C]
C[G]an't keep l[Dm]ove at a[C]ll [G]
Sp[Dm]inning, [C]
T[G]wist mys[Dm]elf [C] [G]
Wo[Dm]rthless [C]
C[G]an't keep l[Dm]ove at a[C]ll, [G]
At a[Dm]ll [C] [G]
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