Depression And Obsession chords

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Artist: Xxxtentacion
[Intro] (x2)
[Bm7] [Gmaj7] [Em]

Depress[Bm7]ion and obsession doesn't [Gmaj7]mix well [Em]
[Bm7]I'm poisoned and my body doesn't [Gmaj7]feel well [Em]
[Bm7]I hate her, inside and out I f[Gmaj7]eel my stomach[Em] turning
[Bm7]Make out hill, where we met
We let our [Gmaj7]lips do all the talking and [Em]now I'm nothing
[Bm7]Depression and obsession don't [Gmaj7]mix well [Em]
[Bm7]Hollywood motels
Hell, I t[Gmaj7]hink I'm just obse[Em]ssed with you
[Bm7]Depression and obsession doesn't [Gmaj7]mix well [Em]
[Bm7]Hollywood motels
And all I [Gmaj7]think I'm just ob[Em]sessed with you

[Outro] (x16)
[Bm7] [Gmaj7] [Em]
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