Lonesome Kicker chords

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Artist: Adam Sandler
|-[E5] ----| |-[B5] ----| |-[A5] ----| |-[C#5] ----|
|-----| |-----| |-----| |-----|
|-----| |--4--| |--2--| |--6--|
|--2--| |--4--| |--2--| |--6--|
|--2--| |--2--| |--0--| |--4--|
|--0--| |-----| |-----| |-----|

[E5]Me, I'm th[B5]e Lonesome [A5]Kicker
[E5]Extra points, field[B5] goals at your s[A5]ervice
[E5]One might think it c[B5]omes with g[A5]lory
[E5]You might think dif[B5]ferent after you listen to my s[A5]tory
[E5]My helmet is equ[B5]ipped with a tiny f[A5]ace mask
[E5]What it possibly could protec[B5]t, I do not[A5] know
[E5]The other guys on the team like to m[B5]ake fun of my little [A5]shoulder pads
[E5]And also like to hide the spe[B5]cial shoe I need to kick in th[A5]e snow

[E5]People think it's so ea[B5]sy to kick a field goal from th[A5]e 30 yard line
They [E5]forget to add seven yards for the s[B5]nap, and 10 more 'cause the
[A5]Goal posts are pushed way back

[E5]In 1974, the upr[B5]ights were right on the goal line
Bu[A5]t some of the players were running into them, and getting hurt
[E5]So screw the kicker..[B5] . Who cares about[A5] the kicker'

[A5]But I kick that ball, and I p[B5]ray it goes straight
If it d[E5]oes the coach says "Good j[C#5]ob, number 8"
H[A5]e doesn't even know my n[B5]ame is Andre Grisumc[E5]ovitchlavinski,[C#5] Jr.
[A5] [B5] (twice)
But that's the life I live... The Lonesome Kicker

[E5]Kickoffs can b[B5]e so very sc[A5]ary
[E5]Especially, if the retu[B5]rner breaks on thr[A5]ough
[E5]And I'm the only guy on the play[B5]ing field left to tackle [A5]him
[E5]I don't want to get hurt, so I pr[B5]etend to tie my s[A5]hoe

[E5]Once again, I'm igno[B5]red by my teammates and all my coa[A5]ches
[E5]"Go back where you [B5]came from!"[A5] Scream 70,000 fans
[E5]Well, I know I could win their lov[B5]e back by catching a winning
[E5]But, unfortunately, I was bor[B5]n with these very small[A5] hands

[A5]And I hope that the cameras don't come i[B5]n too close
Cause they mig[E5]ht see the tears in my[C#5] eyes
As I [A5]sit on this bench made of cold-[B5]hearted wood
And the spli[E5]nters go deep in my t[C#5]highs
[A5] [B5] (twice)
And the towel boy snickers as he walks by...The Lonesome Kicker

A5 B5 Another blocked kick

A5 B5 and everybody blames me

A5 B5 But it was the Left Guard

A5 B5 Who didn't pick up his man

A5 B5 Oh, why can't they see...'

[E5]In my home country, I could have been a min[B5]or league soccer[A5] player
[E5]But I came to America seeking fort[B5]une and seeking fam[A5]e
[E5]I didn't realize that if I shank[B5]ed one, and ble[A5]w the point spread
[E5]Some drunk guys would push me into their hib[B5]achi after the [A5]game.

[A5]So I go home at night, cause I ne[B5]ver get invited
To go dri[E5]nking with the other[C#5] guys
An[A5]d I sit in my chair, and I s[B5]oak my foot
As I eat a p[E5]late of cold Frenc[C#5]h fries
And my [A5]wife's out with her quote[B5] -unquote friend
And my s[E5]on can't look me in the[C#5] eyes
[A5] [B5] (twice)
But that's the life I live...The Lonesome Kicker

[A5]Kicking for you
[A5]They took my snow shoe
They're going for two... (strum) [A5] [B5] E5
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