Fathers Eyes chords

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Artist: Amy Grant
Intro: [D] [Dsus4] , [D] [Dsus4] [D] x2

[D]I may not be every mother's dr[A]eam for her little girl
[D]And my face may not grace the mind of everyo[A]ne in the world [D]
But that'[G]s alright as [F#]long as I can have o[D]ne wish I pray... [B]
W[E]hen people look inside my life, I w[A]ant to hear them say...

She has her [F#m]Father's eyes, her F[F#m]ather's eyes
[G]Eyes that find the [F#]good in things
When g[G]ood is not a[F#]round
And e[E]yes that find the s[D]ource of help [Bm]
[Em]When help just can't be f[A]ound
And eye[G]s full of co[F#]mpassion, [G]seeing every [F#]pain
[F#m]Knowin' what you're going th[A]rough, and fe[Em]eling it [F#m]the same [Bm] [A]

Just like [D]my Father's eyes
My Father'[C]s eyes
My Father's [B]eyes---eyes,[D] eyes, e[Em]yes [A]
Just [A]like my Father’s eye[D]s [Dsus4] [D] [Dsus4]

[D]On that day when we will pay for a[A]ll the deeds we have done
[D]Good and bad well they'll all be had to see b[A]y every one [D]
And when t[G]hey're called to[F#] stand and tell just wh[D]at you saw
i[B]n me and mo[E]re than anything I know
[A]I want their words to be[D] ...
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