I Have Decided chords

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Artist: Amy Grant
Capo 5

[C]I have decided[G] , I'm go[C]nna live like a belie[G]ver,
turn my back [C]on the [G]deciever I'm [C]gonna liv[G]e what I belie[D]ve.
[C]I have decided[G] , being g[C]ood is just a fa[G]ble,
I just c[C]an't 'cau[G]se I'm not able, Gon[D7]na leave it to t[G]he Lord.

[G]There's a wealth of things that[D] I profess, I [C]said that I bel[G]ieved.
But deep i[C]nside i never ch[G]anged, I [D]guess I'd been dec[D7]eived.
'cause a voice ins[G]ide kept t[D]elling me t[C]hat I'd change by and [D]by.
But the Spirit[C] made it cle[G]ar to me, that kin[D]d of life's a[G] lie.

S[G]o forget the[D] game of being good, and y[C]our self righteous p[G]ain.
'[C]cause the only good [G]inside your heart is the goo[D]d that Jesus [D7]brings.
When the world beg[G]ins to see y[D]ou change, d[C]on't expect them to[D] applaud.
Just ke[C]ep your eyes on[G] Him and tell yours[D]elf I've become [G]a work of God.
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