Lead Me On chords

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Artist: Amy Grant

[G/B] [C] [C/E] [F] [Am] [G] X3
[G/B] [C] [C/E] [Bb] [F]

[Dm] [G/B] [C7]

[Eb]Shoulder [F]to the [C7]wheel,
For [Eb]someone else's s[F]elfish g[C7]ain.
[Eb]Here there is no c[F]hoosing, [Em/G]worki[Em]ng [Em/G]the c[Am]lay.
[Dm]/[A] [Am] [G] [F]
Wearing their anger
[Dm]Like a [G/B]ball and [C7]chain.

[Eb]Fire i[F]n the f[C7]ield,
[Eb]Underneath the b[F]lazing s[C7]un.
But [Eb]soon the sun was f[F]aded, [Em/G]freed[Em]om [Em/G]was a[Am] song.
[Dm]/[A] [Am] [G] [F]
I heard them singing
[Dm]When th[G/B]e day was[C7] done.
[Dm]To the[G/B] holy o[C7]ne...

[C/E] [F] [G]

Lead [G/B]me o[C]n, [C/E]lead [F]me on
[Am]To a place where the [G]river runs,[G/B]
[C]Int[C/E]o your[F] keeping[Am] , oh
Lead [G/B]me o[C]n, [C/E]lead [F]me on
[Am]The awaited deli[G]verance, [G/B]
[C]Com[C/E]forts [Bb9]the seeking[F]
[F]Lead on.

[Dm] [G/B] [C7]

Waiting for the train,
Labeled with a golden star
Heavy hearted boarding, whispers in the dark
Where are we going'
Is it very far'

Bitter cold terrain,
Echoes of a slamming door.
Chambers made for sleeping, forever.
Voices like thunder,
In a mighty war.
Cry out to the Lord...


[Em]Man hurts [F]man
[G]Time [F]and [Em]time, time [F]again.[G]
And we [Am]drown in the wake of our [Bb]power
[Bb]/[Ab] [G/B] ...
Somebody tell me why
[G/B] [C] [C/E] [F] [Am] [G] X3
[G/B] [C] [C/E] [Bb] [F] [C/E] [F] [G]

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