Endless Acoustic chords

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Artist: Dave Gahan
[E] [C] [D] [C]

In the c[C]old of the full moon on this n[Em]ight
T[D]ime itself has slipped away,[C] now you are mine
Sl[C]owly hours pass[Em] all through the night
Tog[D]ether we can disappear[C] for a while

[Em]I am st[C]ill [D] [C]
[Em]I am st[C]ill [D] [C]

VERSE 2 (plays the same way as the 1st one):
Watching the hourglass on that night
We touched the stars and reached the moon for a time
I'm lost in a moment with you, it feels right
We're floating above the stars, you and I

[Em]I am s[C]till [D] [C]
[Em]I am s[C]till
Fo[D]rever and ever and [C]ever
[Em]Endless, e[C]ndless
[D]I am st[C]ill
[Em]Endless, e[C]ndless
[D] Your body is e[C]ndless

INSTRUMENTAL (plays the same way as the intro)

OUTRO (plays on the same chords as the CHORUS)
I am still ×4

END (the same as the intro)
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