Closure A Goodbye To Friends chords

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O[A]ne d[D]ay I will tell a[A]ll my friends my tho[Bm]ughts of them when we first met.
Our[G] first hello, our [D]first goodbye an intr[G]oduction to all of [A]the good times
we've s[D]pent laughing at in[A]side jokes as [Bm]telling each other the things we think we know
[G]through experiences we had to[D]gether or not. We shared eve[G]rything from our beds [A]to our thoughts
but ever[D]ything must come [A]to an end and there is [Bm]rarely such a thing as a life long friend.
And [G]nothing stays forever and [D]nothing lasts and all we [G]have to remember is the idea [A]of the past.
but there is [D]just one thing b[A]efore you leave. I want [Bm]you to know how much you mean to me.
That e[G]very phone call and conversat[D]ion we had made every s[G]ingle day seem a [A]little less bad.
And [D]there are friends that I'll never [A]see again and I'll [Bm]never get the chance to ask them

[G]Don't you remember when [D]we first met or [G]remember that thing that [A]I will never for[D]get.

[D] [A] [Bm] [A] [G] [D] [G] [A]

From our [D]first hello to our last goodbye, the con[Bm]clusion to all of those good times.
And [G]though I can't say that I'll [D]never regret it, I can [G]honestly say [D]that it was [A]worth every s[D]econd.
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