Close Your Eyes chords

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Artist: Ben Parcell
[G] 355433
[D] 557755
[C] 335533
[F] 133211
[G#] 466544
[C#] 446644
[F#] 244322

[G] , [D] , [C]

[G]Yesterday I [C]sang a song, the [F]lonely road I [C]walked along.
[G]I used to think I'd [C]be someone if [F]I could make it [C]happen.
[G]Looking down this [C]dead end road, a[F]lone I thought of [C]you.
The [G]only way a[D]bout it was to [C]make my dreams come [G]true.

[G#]I w[C]ant you to [C#]notice me [F#]around.
[G#]Give me something [C]more to find, [C#]stuck inside this [D]town.

Chorus (standard open chords)
[G]You close your [D]ey[C]es; [G]everything is [D]fi[C]ne, [G]until mo[D]rning[C] sees the [G]light. Its time to...

(Repeat verse chords)
Go and think about tomorrow or let it slip away.
Put your boring life behind you, grow up for a change.
Driving down this one way street, you know how I feel.
It's time to look around you; it's never been so real.

(Repeat bridge chords)
I want you to notice me around
Give me something more to find stuck inside this town.

[G] Chord
followed by intro chords.
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