Temporary Mass chords

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Artist: Brent Walsh
You should k[D]now
We'll be right h[A]ere with you
As you come to your en[Bm]d
Though some may say to e[G]nd
Is to begin aga[D]in
I love the no[A]tion of
A body and a so[Bm]ul;
You're never truly g[G]one
You're just intangi[A]ble

A[A]nd I can learn to l[Bm]ive with that [G]
It's just a part of of li[A]fe
We are but tempo[Bm]rary mass [G]

Along the arc of time


[D] [A] [Bm] [G]

What can be sa[D]id?
I'll never c[A]omprehend
The story that you've l[Bm]ead
The road is far too lo[G]ng;
A tale for every b[A]end

And e[A]ven words told at that their be[Bm]st
[G]Could never paint you r[A]ight
But what we learn when fa[Bm]ced with death
Is "celebrate life"

You should k[D]now
You won't go [A]by yourself
I'm with you 'til it's [Bm]on
A song so beau[G]tiful
It pulls you out and [D]up
I love the n[A]otion of
A body and a [Bm]soul

You're never truly g[G]one
You're just i[A]ntangible


[A] Bm. [G]
And yes, I cry with your last breath

My eyes are comprom[A]ised
But I refuse to[Bm] mourn your death [G]
I'll celebrate l[D]ife
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