Saturday Suit chords

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[C]All week long we've been [C7]looking at horizons and [F]it's hard on the brain
[C]Sometimes I wonder is it the [C7]car or the highway that [F]rolls through the rain
This [Em]day has no number, this [Am7]day has no name
But it's [Dm7]time for the [Em]weekend all the [Fmaj7]same [G7]

Why don't you [C]put on your Saturday Suit, [C7]let's fly a[Fmaj7]way
We can [Gm7]find ourselves a little ca[Am7]fé where the [Gm7]street people [C]come to [F]play
And let the [Gm7]wine and the [C]sunshine blow our [Fmaj7]minds a[Eb]way
[Bbmaj7]Saturday Suit me [Gm7]fine.[C]

All week long we've been sitting on our islands looking within
Sometimes I know it must seem like we'll never be happy again
Put on your makeup and I'll shine my shoes
I know that it's Monday, but I'm bored with the blues

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