Satellites chords

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Artist: Beyoncé
[G]Satellites, flashing by
It's a [C]beautiful state we're i[G]n
But how ca[C]n we love in isolat[G]ion
[Cm]Think how happy we can[C] be
When we just t[G]ry

[C]We're nothing like we [G]seem
[C]Passionate words are n[G]ever spoken
Y[Cm]ou don't know how I b[C]leed
When I leave your si[G]de
In your e[Em]yes,[C] love's al[Am]ive [D]
We've come unti[Em]ed
&[C]amp;#145;Cause we're [Am]flas[D]hing by like satellites

Tak[C]e all the rules aw[G]ay
How[C] can we live if w[G]e don't change
We[Cm]'re always on di[C]splay
Let's run and hi[G]de
In our e[Em]yes,[C] love's ali[Am]ve [D]
We've come un[Em]tied [C]
‘Cause we're f[Am]las[D]hing by like satellites

If we d[Em]on't communicat[C]e
We'll e[Am]xist in our own sp[D]ace
We'll have a[Em]ll the love we ne[C]ed
While we're ap[Am]art I cannot br[D]eathe
Sat[G]ellites, flashing by
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