Satan Is My Motor chords

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Artist: Cake
I've got [E]wheels of polished [A]steel
I've got [E]tires that grab the [A]road
I've got [E]seats that selflessly [A]hold my friends
And a [E]trunk that can carry the [B]heaviest of loads

I've got a [A]mind that can steer me to [E]your house
And a [A]heart that can bring you red [E]flowers
My in[A]tentions are good and [E]honest and true
But [B]under my hood is in[A]ternal combustion, ahhhh

[A] Satan is my [E]motor
[A] Hear my motor [E]purr
[A] Satan is my [E]motor
[A] Hear my motor [E]purr
[A] Satan is the [B]only one who [A]seems to under[B]stand

I've got [E]brakes, I'm wide a[A]wake
I can [E]stop this car at any [A]time
At the [E]very last second I can c[A]hange directions
Turn com[E]pletely around if I [B]feel so inclined

(repeat Pre-Chorus & Chorus)
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