Sad Songs And Waltzes chords

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Artist: Cake
Intro: the same chords as the first verse

I'm [A]writing a [E]song [A]all about you

A [D]true song as real as [A]my tears

But you've [D]no need to fear it 'cause [A]no one wil[D]l hear it

[A]Sad songs and waltzes aren't [E]selling this[A] year

(2nd verse: same as first)

It's a [E]good thing that I'm not a [A]star

You [B]don't know how lucky you [E]aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-[E7]re

Last verse:
Though my [A]record may say it, [D]no one will play it

[A]Sad songs and waltzes aren't [E]selling this [A]year.
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