Sanibel chords

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[G] [Em] [C] [D]


There's a s[G]hip and it sails a sea of l[Em]ight
On it's way to me to - ni[C]ght from a d[Am7]istant shore
[G]Taking me home once mor[D]e.
And the wa[G]ves, and the whistling of the [Em]wind
make me come alive aga[C]in, my de[D]stiny's at my d[G]oor. [C]
Gonna l[D]eave this town for - e[Em]ver and [B7]go where I'll ne[Em]ver
need an ov[A7]ercoat no m[D]ore, where they cry


O[D]oh la la l[G]aaa, every n[C]ight and every d[G]ay. Sit[Em]ting by the G[Bm]ulf Coast,
just a th[Am7]ousand miles away[D] . Where they cry
O[D]oh la la l[G]aaa, on an i[C]sland I will dw[G]ell, sta[C]rlit nights in p[G]aradise
On the is[D]le of San - i - b[G]el.

[G] [Em] [C] [D]


There's a g[G]irl, and I see her dressed in w[Em]hite
as she lies there in the nig[C]ht. I can h[Am7]ear her cry
[G]where has he gone and w[D]hy?
But she k[G]nows that someday he will arr[Em]ive, and it keeps her love [C]alive;
[D]dreams can never d[G]ie. [C]
She lo[D]oks across the ocea[Em]n, the sa[B7]ils in mo[Em]tion
in the e[Am7]arly morning s[D]ky. Where they cry



[F]Angels of the w[C]ater, s[G]irens of the sea
[F]Whispering their sw[C]eet love songs, ca[G]lling out to [D]me.



[G] [Em] [C] [D] [G]
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