Sandlot chords

Transpose 0
[C] [F] [G] [C] [G]

[C] [F] [G] x3
[C] [G]

[G]When we were you[C]ng we had it [F]all
[G]We had th[C]e sun, the moon, the st[F]ars
[G]We did[C]n't venture very [F]far
[G]We didn't[C] go [F]
[G]While peop[C]le drove in fancy cars [F]
[G]We swa[C]m in pools but they weren't[F] ours
[G]We weren't [C]rich yeah but no one tol[F]d us
[G]We didn't [C]know [F]

when we were you[C]ng [F] [C]
when we were y[C]oung
We had it [F]all
[G]When we were y[C]oung
We had a b[F]all
[G]When we were[C] young
We had it a[F]ll
[G]When we were y[C]oung


[G]We didn't know[C] about girls or[F] bars
[G]We stole c[C]andy and occasional car[F]s
[G]Playing s[C]tick from dusk to d[F]awn
[G]That's what we[C] knew [F]
[G]You had too[C] much so I took you[F] bike
[G]I hated you[C]r guts but I wanted your lif[F]e
[G]Your mom[C] was fine, you went to fancy schoo[F]ls
[G]You had l[C]ots of shit but you still weren't [F]cool

[A]When we were young
We had a [F]ball
[G]When we were [C]young
when we were yo[C]ung [F] [C]

when we were yo[C]ung
We had it [F]all

[G]We had i[C]t all

[G]When we wer[C]e young
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