Fairmount Hill chords

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Last nigh[Am]t as I lay dreamin[G]g, of pleasant days gone by [Am]
My mind w[Am]as bent on rambling, and to Boston I did fly [C] [G]
I s[Am]tepped on board a vision, and I followed with th[C]e will [G]
Till at las[Am]t, I came to anchor[G] at the rocks on Fairmount Hill [Am]

It was on t[Am]he 23rd of[G] June, one day before the fair [Am]
When Bosto[Am]n’s sons and daughters and friends assembled ther[C]e [G]
The youn[Am]g, the old, the brave and the bold, came their duty to fulfill [C] [G]
At the paris[Am]h church on Thatcher, a[G] mile from Fairmount Hill [Am]

I w[Am]ent to see old friend[G]s there, to see what they might say [Am]
The old [Am]ones were all dead and gone, the young ones turning gra[C]y [G]
I m[Am]et the broker Hughes, he's as odd as ever sti[C]ll [G]
See I used[Am] to crash at his mother's h[G]ouse, when I hung on Fairmount Hill [Am]

I p[Am]aid a flying visi[G]t to my first and only love [Am]
She's as white[Am] as any lily, and as gentle as a do[C]ve [G]
She thr[Am]ew her arm around me saying, "Andy I love you s[C]till" [G]
Oh, she's one m[Am]iss Fayes O’Bailey, the p[G]ride of Fairmount Hill [Am]

I d[Am]reamt I'd fought a violent[G] war for the hand of this darling gal [Am]
A-ga[Am]inst an angry jealous foe by the name of Danny Gil[C]l [G]

The cloc[Am]k it rang in the morning, [G]it rang both loud and shrill [Am]
When I awoke i[Am]n Cali-fornia, man[G]y miles from Fairmount Hill [Am]
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