Sam Jenkins chords

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[D] [G]
[D] [G]
[D] [G]


My n[D]ame it is Sam J[G]enkins I c[D]ome from old Whitington[G] Hill
My p[D]eople bow their[G] heads down to the [D]Lord of the ma[A]nor [Em]still.
I gr[D]ew up mean and [G]hungry, d[D]irty and poor and [G]sick
I tr[D]ied my best for[G] not to steal, too [D]afraid of the [A]Van Diemen [Em]ships

Well the [D]only road to [G]money it was the [D]road to the army [G]gates
I [D]took that road in ’4[G]5 with a g[D]ang of my S[A]taffordshire [Em]mates
We were s[D]hipped across to I[G]reland some r[D]ebellions for to[G] quell
St[D]ationed North of G[G]alway in a l[D]andscape that [A]mirrored h[Em]ell

[Bm]When we sailed into Galway be[A]fore my head and pride
I will ne[G]ver forget the skeletons with a cr[Bm]azed look in thei[G]r eyes
[Bm]And their little children wailing as hu[A]nger ate them alive
[G]When I realised what I was doing there, with the [Em]shame I nearly[G] died

The f[D]ood removal reg[G]iments, we were the[D]re to guard the [G]food
Being[D] shipped each d[G]ay to England while the [D]starving th[A]ey were su[Em]bdued
They [D]said we needed the fo[G]od more, for our h[D]ungry boys [G]abroad
And the [D]Irish apes who fa[G]rmed it they weren’t m[D]en in the [A]eyes of the[Em] lord

[Bm]My dear friend Billy Cooper he cou[A]ldn’t console himself
From a c[G]herry tree in the ba[D]ck field he was h[Em]anging by his bel[G]t
[Bm]In the 41st foot regiment, just north[A] of Galway town
I fel[G]t myself the servent of a d[Em]evil in a crown.[G]


I [D]disobeyed an o[G]rder, I refu[D]sed to shoot a m[G]an
No[D]w stripped of my gun and u[G]niform
I am b[D]ound for Van [A]Diemen's l[Em]and

You r[D]ogues who rule Brit[G]annia
May you[D] burn in hell for[G] good
Us poo[D]r we do your dir[G]ty work
Then you di[D]ne on our fles[A]h and blood [Em]

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