Salem chords

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Artist: Bon Iver
[Ab]Salem burns the leav[Absus4]es
[Absus4]Then she
Returns to cure and [Ab]see
Heavy fate[Gb]
After years of [Db/F]waiting

[Ab]'Cause abnormalities[Db/Ab]
Are everywhere you [Ab]see
So what I think we [Bbm]need
Is elastici[Fm]ty, [Eb] empowerment and ease

So I won't [Ab]lead no lie
With our [Db]hearts the only matt[Fm]er why
[Bbm]How long it's lasted[Fm]
I've not rece[Eb]ived reciproci[Db]ty [Ab]

[Ab]To speak supporti[Absus4]vely
[Absus4]Big guy
There's no automatic p[Ab]eace
But I bet you'd [Gb]keep
All these in-[Db/F]betweens that bar my yo[Ab]uth

[Ab]There's no anorberic dream[Db/Ab]
Far as I know[Db]
I tried too hard to see[Ab]
What I thought it’d be[Bbm]
Asking constantly[Fm]
How's it gonna be?[Eb]

So I'm gonna [Ab]weep a while
You don't [Db]even know how hard
[Bbm]I learned a [Fm]lesson
Don't ask [Eb]me, I've
Torn the banner from the [Db]line

[Ab] [Db] [Ab]
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