Sad Nudes chords

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Artist: Cate Le Bon


[C]Sad nudes in my room
[C]Sad nudes in my room
Sa[Am]d nudes

Sa[C]d promises from all the clowns you used to soothe
Like [Am]fools we moved [Dm]

[Dm]Pick up the phone
Take the [Am]call from your mother [Dm]
She really wants you to [Am]answer [Dm]
Fear is the pivot and ra[Am]ge is on its knees
And [G]the more you feel the more you have to [F]lose [D] [G]

Sad [C]nudes
[C]Sad nudes in my room
[C]Sad nudes in my room
S[Am]ad nudes

The [C]settlement is rolling down that mountain soon
It [Am]moves through you [Dm]

This is your gold and [Am]you are the woman [Dm]
Bias beats hard and I [F]don't sleep [Dm]
Factories fold under [Am]owner-spectator
And the [G]crust you never used becomes the [F]news [D] [G]

Sad [C]nudes in my room
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