Sacred Memories chords

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Artist: Dolly Parton
Sacred mem'ries often [D]take me to the [G]place where I grew [D]up
And that little country church [Em]that I love [A]so much
I [D]used to go there every time that [G]old church bell would [D]ring
And I [G]remember [D]how I love the [A]songs we used to [D]sing

Like " [D]Oh Lord, you know I [G]have no friend like [D]you
If heaven's not my home, oh, [Em]Lord what will I [A]do?"
The [D]angels beckon me from [G]heaven's open [D]door
And I can't feel at home in this [A]world any- [D]more

[D]They were singing, "Lord I'm Coming [G]Home" when I got [D]saved
And when I got baptized they [Em]sang, "Amaz- [A]ing Grace"
And [D]oh, how sweet the sound when every- [G]body would join [D]in
And [G]sang my favorite [D]song, "If We [A]Never Meet A- [D]gain" ---

Where the [G]charming roses bloom for- [D]ever
And where separation [Em]comes no [A]more
If we [D]never meet again this side of [G]heaven
I will [D]meet you on that [A]beautiful [D]shore

My [D]mama loved to sing and [G]she sang clear and [D]loud
I can close my eyes and [Em]I hear mama [A]now
I re- [D]call the song my mama [G]always loved so [D]much
She [G]always sang the [D]loudest sangin', " [A]Power In The [D]Blood"

Oh there's [D]power, power [G]wonder working [D]power
In the [A]blood of the [D]lamb
There is power, power [G]wonder working [D]power
In the [A]precious blood of [G]lamb [D] ---

Sacred mem'ries [D] -----
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