None Of Your Business Now chords

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Artist: Paul Kelly
Send me no more letters
Nor ask me how I’m goi[D]ng
It [Am]might make [G]you feel [D]better
[Am]But it’s[G] none of your business[D] knowing
[Am]It’s [G]none of your business [D]now

[Am]You say [G]you reg[D]ret it
[Am]And hope [G]we can be [D]friends
You [Am]really [G]just don’t [D]get it [Am]
[G]None of this business [D]can mend
[Am]And it’s [G]none of your business [D]now

[D]Ha ha ha ha

[Am]Once we [G]had the [D]real thing
[Am]Nothing [G]could [D]compare
But [Am]it was [G]really [D]nothing [Am]
A [G]hell of a business [D]yeah yeah [Am]
And [G]none of our business [D]now

So [Am]go and [G]find [D]another
Or [Am]write a [G]stupid [D]song
To [Am]help your[G]self get [D]over
[Am]You’re [G]none of my business –[D] so long!
[Am]You’re [G]none of my business [D]now

Oh, [Am]please don’t [G]send me [D]letters
Or k[Am]nock up[G]on my [D]door
I’m [Am]on the [G]way to [D]better [Am]
I’m [G]none of your business [D]no more [Am]
I’m [G]none of your business [D]now [Am]
I'm [G]none of your business [D]no more [Am]
Im n[G]one of your business n[D]ow

[D]Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
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