I Want It That Way (easy) chords

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[Em]You are my f[C]ir[G]e, The [Em]one de[C]si[G]re,Beli[Em]eve when [C]I [G]say, I [Em]want it th[D]at w[G]ay,
But [Em]we are t[C]wo w[G]orlds [Em]apart, Can'[C]t reach to [G]your [Em]heart
[Em]When y[C]ou[G] say, Th[Em]at I want it tha[D]t [G]way

[Chorus:] ---------------------------------------------------
Tell me [C]why, Ain't nothin' but a h[D]ea[G]rtache, Tell me [C]why, Ain't nothin' but a mi[D]st[G]ake
Tell me w[C]hy, I never wanna [D]hear you [G]say, [Em]I want it tha[D]t [G]way
Am[Em] I your f[C]ir[G]e, Your [Em]one d[C]es[G]ire, Yes[Em] I know it's too[C] l[G]ate, But([Em]Yes,) I want it tha[D]t [G]way


[Em]Now I can see that we're falling apart, From the [C]way that it used to [Am]be [D]yeah,
No m[Em]atter the distance I want you to know
That [Am]deep down inside of [D]me...
Y[Em]ou are my f[C]ir[G]e, Th[Em]e one des[C]ir[G]e, Yo[Em]u are, You a[C]re, you are, you[G] a[D]re,
Don't wanna hear you say, A[C]in't nothin' but a hea[D]rt[G]ache, Ai[C]n't nothin' but a [D]mis[G]take,
I [C]never wanna hear you[D] s[G]ay, I w[Em]ant it tha[D]t [G]way, Tell me [C]why, Ain't nothin' but a [D]mist[G]ake,

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