I Dont Know What To Say chords

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I'll see you [Cm]at the gates when it [Cm7]gets dark [Bb]
Y[Eb]ou jump the wall, Ill find a place to park
K[C]ill the angels if they're [Cm]keeping guard [Bb]
[Ebmaj7]How do I start when you d[Eb]on't know what to s[Gm]ay? [Cm] [Bb] [Eb]
No, I dont know wha[F]t to sa[Gm]y [Cm]

[Bb] [Eb]

Y[Cm]ou said the world's already full enough[Bb]
[Eb]Of defeated people and you would not be one [F]
[Gm]Always a ch[Cm]oice to move yourself along [Bb]
[Eb]And find better and I hope that's where you a[Gm]re [Cm] [Bb] [Eb]
Yeah, I know that's where you a[Gm]re

[Cm] [Bb] [Eb]

[Gm]A doppelganger with a telling scar
[Eb]I saw the universe hidden in your heart
[Gm]Wish I told you this before it got too dark
[Fm]Where do you start when you k[Cm]now it has to e[Gm]nd?

[C] [Cm] [Bb] [Eb] [Gm] [Cm] [Bb] [Eb] x2

How a flower in the r[Cm]ain
Only g[Bb]rows more when it's g[Eb]rey
You just shined on b[Cm]righter
Making g[Bb]old out of the [Eb]pain
"I can die, but I can't b[Cm]reak," you said
"You can r[Bb]ule, I won't o[Eb]bey"
As long as I'm still sm[Cm]iling
Well, I do[F]nt know what to [Eb]say
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