Hospital For Souls Acoustic chords

Transpose 0
Capo on 5th fret

[Em] [C] [Am] [Em]

[Em]The days are a death wish
[C]A witch hunt for an exit
[Am] [Em] ([D])
I am powerless...

[Em]The fragile, the broken
[C]Sit in circles and stay unspoken
[Am] [Em] ([D])
We are powerless...

Because we all walk a[Em]lone on an empty staircase
[C]Silent halls and nameless faces
[Am]I am powerle[Em]ss... [D]

[Am]Everybody wants to go to Heaven
[C]But nobody wants to die
[Am]I can't fear death no longer
[C] ([Am])
I've died a thousand times

[Am]Why explore the universe,
When we don[C]'t know ourselves?
There's an emptiness[Am] inside our heads
That no-one dares to dwell...

[Em]Throw me to the fla[C]mes!
Watch me burn![Am] [Em]
[Em]Set my world abl[C]aze!
Watch me burn![Am] [Em]

[C]How are we on a scale of one to ten?
[Am]Could you tell me, what you see?
[C]Do you want to talk about it?
[D]How does that make you feel?

[C]Have you ever took a blade to your wrists?
[Am]Have you been skipping meals?
[C]We're going to try something new today
[C]How does that ma[Am]ke you feel? [Em]

[Em]Hold me close, don't let[D] go, watch me (burn)
[C]Hold me close, don't let[Am] go, watch me (burn)
[Em]Hold me close, don't let[D] go, watch me (burn)
[C]In this hospital for sou[Am]ls (6x)

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