Epic Holiday chords

Transpose 0
Intro (riff 1):
e ---------------------------|
B ---------------------------|
G ---------------------------|
D ---------------------------| x2
A -2~~~2s4~~~4s6~~~6s7-------|
E ---------------------------|

Figure out the strum pattern on this by listening to it. In between each set
of slides and the first chord you strum and scratch the chord to the

Intro (riff 2):
e ---------------------------|
B ---------------------------|
G -4---4s6---6s8---8s9-------|
D -x---xxx---xxx---xxx-------| x2
A -2---2s4---4s6---6s7-------|
E ---------------------------|

Just use power chords so that C#m is really just C# - sounds the best. The
only thing I'm pretty uncertain on is the G#m chord, I think it could be
played as an Eb/D#, just fyi.

And the brightest s[B]ign
Is full of ho[C#m]les
Is full of pa[G#m]in, loss, violent crimi[E]nals
With a little f[B]ate
And the worst of l[C#m]ies
With a love so [G#m]deep
It's warm w[E]ith endless fire in[B]side
Go right back to the line


Every single d[B]ay
Every nine to [C#m]five
Every body [G#m]works it hard
And then we finally d[E]ie
And there's no rem[B]orse
Or the slightest s[C#m]ound
We're forever [G#m]cool with the way it all breaks up and d[E]own

Let's start a r[B]iot!
Nobody'[C#m]s right
Nobody'[G#m]s wrong
Life's just a g[E]ame
It's just one epic holiday [B]
Ho[C#m]wever this
Takes us a[G#m]long
Take us a[E]way
It's just one epic holiday

(Intro riff 2 x2)

On the Sunday r[B]ain
Like a lonely g[C#m]host
And the furthes[G#m]t point from here is right outside the d[E]oor
Open up your e[B]yes
Take a breath at [C#m]will
And the sun is sti[G#m]ll alive even though it's hard to t[E]ell


Nobody's ri[B]ght
Nobody's wr[C#m]ong
(play intro riff 2 x4)
Let's start a riot!

(Chorus) and end on B
Used chords