Enthroned chords

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Artist: 3 Vallejo
Key: Am
[F] [Am7]

[F]Jesus we exa[G]lt Your name, w[F]orship You alon[G]e
[F]Laying down Your life[G] , You left your th[Am7]rone [Em7]
[F]High and lifted u[G]p we raise v[F]oices to the Kin[G]g
[F]Heaven's Child and Lord[G] of everything[Am7] [C]

Jesus, we enthr[F]one You, high above our pr[Am7]aises
Jesus, we ad[F]ore You, precious La[Gsus]mb of God [G]
Jesus, how we l[F]ove You, Lord of endless m[Am7]ercy
Jesus we ex[F]alt You, King of a[Gsus]ll the earth

[F] [Am] (repeat as desired)
[C] (to bridge)

You are h[F]oly, You are wo[Am7]rthy
You are Je[F]sus enthr[Gsus]oned [G]
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