Entertainer chords

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Artist: Billy Joel
Intro: [G]

I [G]am the entertainer and I [C]know just where I stand
A[C]nother Serenade[G/B]r and an[C]other long-haired b[D]and
To[G]day I am your champion, I [C]may have won your hearts
But I [Cmaj7]know the game, you'll fo[D]rget my name
And I [Am]won't be here in [Cmaj7]another year
If I [D]don't stay on the ch[G]arts

I [G]am the entertainer and I've [C]had to pay my price
The [C]things I did not know at firs[G/B]t I lea[C]rned by doin'[D] twice
Ah, but [G]still they come to haunt me, s[C]till they want their say
So I've l[Cmaj7]earned to dance with a h[D]and in my pants
I let 'em [Am]rub my neck and I [Cmaj7]write 'em a check
And they [D]go their merry wa[G]y

I [G]am the entertainer, [C]been all around the world
I've [C]played all kinds of palace[G/B]s and l[C]aid all kinds of [D]girls
I [G]can't remember faces,[C] I don't remember names
Ah, but [Cmaj7]what the hell, You know it'[D]s just as well
'Cause a[Am]fter a while and a t[Cmaj7]housand miles
[D] It all becomes the s[G]ame

I [G]am the entertainer, I [C]bring to you my songs
I'd [C]like to spend a day or tw[G/B]o, but I[C] can't stay that [D]long
No, I've [G]got to meet expenses, I [C]got to stay in line
Gotta [Cmaj7]get those fees to the [D]agencies
And I'd [Am]love to stay but there's [C]bills to pay
So I [D]just don't have the ti[G]me

I [G]am the entertainer, I [C]come to do my show
You've [C]heard my latest recor[G/B]d, it's [C]been on the ra[D]dio
Ah, it [G]took me years to write it, they were the [C]best years of my life
It was a b[Cmaj7]eautiful song, but it [D]ran too long
If you're [Am]gonna have a hit, you [C]gotta make it fit
So they [D]cut it down to 3:0[G]5

[G]I am the entertainer, the [C]idol of my age
I [C]make all kinds of mone[G/B]y when [C]I go on the [D]stage
Ah, you've [G]seen me in the papers, I've [C]been in the magazines
But if [Cmaj7]I go cold I [D]won't get sold
I'll get [Am]put in the back in the [C]discount rack
Like a[D]nother can of be[G]ans

[G](let ring) [C](let ring)
I am the entertainer, and I know just where I stand
[C](let ring) [G/B] [C] [D]
Another Serenader and another long-haired band
[G](let ring) [C](let ring)
Today I am your champion, I may have won your hearts
But I [Cmaj7]know the game, you'll for[D]get my name
I [Am]won't be here in a[Cmaj7]nother year
If I [D]don't stay on the c[G]harts

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