Enough chords

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[Dm] [C] [G] [G] x2

Oh oh [Dm]ohhh o[C]hhhh [G]ohhh[G]h x2

[Dm]They used to t[C]ell me I wasn't smart enough,
[G]Said I'll never make, [G]I don't resemble the stars enough.
[Dm]Man, I'm just t[C]rying to get my heart to pump,
[G]Gave my all every time,[G] I guess my all wasn't enough.
[Dm]They said I t[C]alk too much, they talk enough,
[G]Told me I should change, but never [G]said what I should change it to.
[Dm]Man, I'm just [C]trying to play the game with you,
[G]So when you go and see I'm j[G]ust me, I ain't the same as you.

I just wanna g[F]ive my all, the r[G]ise and fall, t[Am]he world[C/E] .
I just wanna l[F]eave my mark [G]upon your heart, oh[Am] world.[C]

[Dm]What do I got to say? [C]How do I got to pray?
[G]What do I got to do?[G]
Tell me [Dm]who do I got to be? [C]What do you want from me?
[G]What do I got to prove[G] ?
No matter [Dm]what I [C]do, I'm not b[G]reaking for [G]you
Tell me w[Dm]hat do I got to give, [C]how do I gotta live,
[G]When it's not enough for y[Dm]ou? [C] [G]
It's [G]not enough for [Dm]you.[C] [G] [G]

[Dm]Well, my first mistake was [C]tryna please everybody,
[G]Only to realize I ain[G]'t need anybody (nobody).
[Dm]But all I ever w[C]anted was acceptance,
[G]'Til I accepted myself, now [G]I can check that off my checklist.
[Dm]I am no longer c[C]hecking for your guest list,
[G]Or where I land on y[G]our best list.
I look at my [Dm]reflection and it[C] tells me who the best is,
[G]So I could never do it[G] like the rest did.

[Pre Chorus and Chorus]

Let's go...
[Dm]I know they wann[C]a see me break,[G] I know they'd rath[G]er see me fall,
[F]And that's the [C]very reason why,[G] I'm a rise abov[G]e it all.
[Dm]They used to say I wasn't[C] a star, Said I wasn't[G] going very fa[G]r,
[Dm]Well, now I'm s[C]hining like a star,
[G]And I'm screaming out my cause, [G]can you call me back tomorrow.


It's not enough for y[Dm]ou, [C] [G]
I[G]t's not enough for y[Dm]ou,[C] [G]
[G]When it's not enough for [Dm]you.[C] [G] [G] [Dm] [C] [G] [G]
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