Enormous Penis chords

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Whenever li[E]fe gets you d[G#]own
Keeps you wea[A]ring a f[Am]rown
And the gr[B]avy tr[Bb]ain has l[A]eft you [G#]behi[E]nd
And when your a[E]ll out of h[G#]ope
Down at the e[A]nd of your r[Am]ope
And nob[F#]ody's there to throw you a l[B]ine

If you e[A]ver get so low
That you don't k[Am]now which way to go
Come [E]on and take a walk in my s[E7]hoes
Never w[F#]orry 'bout a thing
G[F#]ot t[Ab]he wo[A]rld on a string
Cause I've g[B]ot the cure for all of my blues (all of his blues)

I take a look at [E]my enormous[G#] pen[C#m]is
And my tro[A]ubles start a-me[B]ltin' aw[E]ay ([E]ba-d[Eb]oom b[E]op)
I take a look at [E]my enormous[G#] pen[C#m]is
And the ha[F#]ppy times are comin' to s[B]tay (be-doo)

I got a s[A]ing and I dance
When I gl[Am]ance in my pants
And a-fe[E]elin's like a sun shiny d[Eb]aaaa[C#m]ay
I take a look at [A]my enormous[B] P[E]ee--[Eb]e--[D]e--[C#m]nis
And a-ever[A]ything is g[B]oin' my w[E]ay ([E]ba-d[Eb]oom b[E]op)

And that's basically it. The rest of the song uses
the same chords. Just listen to it and you should
figure out the structure.
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