Endlessly chords

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Artist: Amaranthe
[Am] [Em] [C] [F] [Em] [G]

[Am]So come, let me be your ligh[G]t. There's a [Em]truth we can[C]'t def[F]y
Somehow this time you won't d[Em]eny [Dm]it. What got lost inside, I have found [Am]it now
There's [G]a rea[C]son [G]why

[C]I will [G]love you [Am]endlessly. And [C]even [G]if I cr[F]y I'll be [C]there by your si[Dm]de for a lifetim[C]e

And I will [G]love you [Am]endlessly. And[Em] even [G]when we [F]die you'll be [Em]there by my [Dm]side [C]end[G]lessl[C]y

[Am]So come, let me be your [G]life after all these s[C]leepless nights. S[F]omehow I know my strength will g[Em]uide y[Dm]ou

Through the darkest times, now that [Am]I have found

All the [G]reasons why

[C]I will [G]love you [Am]endlessly. And ev[G]en i[C]f I [F]cry I'll be [Em]there by your s[Dm]ide for a [C]life[G]time

And [C]I will l[G]ove you e[Am]ndlessly. And ev[G]en [C]when we [F]die, you'll be [Em]there by my [Dm]side [C]end[G]lessl[C]y

[Am]You know me well. Somehow I'm under your spel[Dm]l. I want you to see me, I’ll s[Em]hare every moment with

you 'cause I[C] [G] [Am]

[G] [C] [F] [EM] [Dm] [C] [G]

[C]I will [G]love you [Am]endlessly and [G]even [C]if [F]I cry, I'll be t[Em]here by you[Dm]r side for [C]a life[G]time

A[C]nd I will [G]love you [Am]endlessly. And [G]even [C]when we [F]die you'll be [Em]there by my si[Dm]de

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