Endless Road chords

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Artist: Angel Olsen

[A]Well every single road I see [E]leads away from m[A]e
[A]There's not a single one that [E]leads me home
[D]The road keeps saying "Friend, [A]come see what's 'round the bend"
[E]So is it any wonder that I [A]roam


[A]All the places I have been keep [E]calling me back [A]again
[A]Down in the pines I hear the cold wind [E]blow
[D]My heart keeps tellin' me, [A]footloose and fancy free
[E]But the road goes by and calls me as it [A]goes


[D]Well maybe somewhere there's a someone waiting th[A]ere with a smile
[D]And maybe there'll be a place to stop and rest a [A]while
[D]And maybe you wheren't meant to be just a Rolling [A]Stone
[A]And there's a road to travel on that [E]leads you back to [A]home


[A]Oh, but I'll keep travelin' on, keep [E]looking at the [A]dawn
[A]Till I can lay this lonesome body [E]down
[D]And when that day has come, I never more will [A]roam
[A]And every road I [E]see will lead me [A]home
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