Endless Love chords

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Artist: Brianna
My f[A]irst love,
You're every [D]breath that I take
[E]You're e[A]very step I ma[E]ke

An[D]d I
I want to sha[A]re
Al[E]l my[F#m] love[E] with [D]you
[E]No one[A] else will do[E]

And your [D]eyes
Your eyes,[E] your eyes
They tell me h[A]ow mu[E]ch y[F#m]ou care
O[E]oh y[D]es, you will a[Dm7]lways [D]be
My endless[A] love

Two hear[A]ts,
[A]Two hearts that [D]beat as one
[E]Our lives have j[A]ust begun


I'll hold[A] you close in[D] my arms
[E]I can't res[A]ist your charms
And lov[D]e
Oh, love [E]
I'll be[E] a fool [A]
[E]For y[F#m]ou, I[E]'m su[D]re
You kno[E]w I don't mind [A]
Oh, you[A] know I don't mind

Ca[D]use yo[E]u,
You mean the [A]world[E] to [F#m]me, Oh

I [D]know

I know
I've foun[Dm7]d in you

My[D] endless love[A]

Boom, bo[A]om
[A]Boom, boom, boom, [D]boom, boom
[E]Boom, boom, [A]boom, boom, boom

Oo[A]oh, and lo[D]ve
Oh,[E] love
I'l[A]l be that fool
F[E]or y[F#m]ou, I[E]'m su[D]re
You kno[E]w I don't[A] mind
Oh you know I [A]don't mind

An[D]d, yes
[E]You'll be the[A] only[E] one[F#m]
Cause [D]NO one can d[E]eny
This [D]love I have in[E]side
And I'll [D]give it all to[E] you
My lov[D]e

My love, my love
my endles[A]s love
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