Empty Memories chords

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[Fm]Here in this h[Ab]eart it's [Cm]cold
[Fm]Cold as s[Ab]tone
Must welcome these [G]memories, as [Ab]shallow as [Bb]my eyes have [Cm]slowly become

[Fm]Frail heart left [Ab]broken
[Cm]Cold and known for its [Fm]bitter ago[Ab]ny
Here are the [G]memories as [Ab]empty as [Bb]my life has [Cm]slowly become
[Bb]Sting, crush and [Ab]bite in my [Fm]soul
My[G] heart bleeds

[Eb]Times [G]changed for[Cm]ever that n[Ab]ight
[Eb]Leaving [G]only [Cm]empty memories
[Ab]Empty memorie[Fm]s won't heal the pai[Cm]n...[Bb] ....[Ab] ....[G] .

[Cm]We know only sorrow
There's no [Bb]future in tomorrow
All our [Fm]hopes were buried too young
For the [Ab]years that should have foll[G]owed

[Cm]We know only hatred
There's no [Bb]future in our anguish, for all [Fm]hope is buried with life
And rep[Ab]risal will be our[G]s

[Cm]It's empty
[Bb]We're emp[Ab]ty
[Fm]They're empty [G]memories

[Fm]Here in this [Ab]heart
[Cm]Cold as stone, for no [Fm]feelings there to [Ab]warm
It is as [G]empty as [Ab]our dreams and [Bb]hopes
Now our [Cm]future is gone
[Bb]It stings and [Ab]bites in my [Fm]soul
My hea[G]rt bleeds!

[Eb]Times [G]changed for[Cm]ever that n[Ab]ight
[Eb]Leaving [G]only [Cm]empty memories
[Eb]Time was [G]changed for[Cm]ever that n[Ab]ight
[Eb]Leaving [G]me... no, no, [Cm]no... al[Bb]one
With [Ab]empty memories
[Cm]Empty memories
[Fm]Empty memories[Cm]
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